Zümrüt Erkin graduated from the Drama Department of the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She is a stage, television and film actress, a dubbing artist and a permanent member of the Istanbul Municipal Theatres. Zümrüt has acted in over 30 stage productions, including Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus, Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s The Wren and The Fall of Leaves, Haşmet Zeybek’s The Wedding or the Drum, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Among her most recent roles have been performances in Ekrem Reşit Rey’s Luxury Life, Bilgesu Erenus’s Back Garden and Dusan Kovacevic’s Meeting Place.

Alongside roles in numerous television films, drama series and commercials, Zümrüt starred in the lead role of Mehmet Eryılmaz’s dramatic feature, A Fairground Attraction (Hazan Mevsimi: Bir Panayır Hikayesi). She followed this up with the lead in the sequel, The Visitor (Misafir).

She is working with creative drama techniques in the fields of regression,As one of just a handful of members in Turkey of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh), Zümrüt has a keen interest in Roger Woolger’s trademark regression therapy, known as Deep Memory Process (DMP).