Mehmet Eryılmaz


Mehmet Eryılmaz

Mehmet Eryılmaz graduated from the radio and television department of Marmara University. He continued his studies at the cinema and television department of Mimar Sinan University, he started writing and directing his own short, experimental and documentary films, Eryılmaz has also earned recognition known for his series of documentary flms on traditional turkish music and “The Songs of Nazım Hikmet”, His first feature debut film is “hazan mevsimi”-“a fairground attraction” and his last one dramatic documentaries is “a holly day morning in İstanbulThe visitor” his second feature film. He also acted in “climates” and his first debute film “a fairground attraction” He has produced and directed several films and won 13 awards. He has participated in several local and international festivals and served on festival juries.

2015 Misafir - The Visitor 2. Feature film
2011 İstanbulda Bayram Sabahı - A Hollyday Morning in İstanbul - Doc.drama
2008 Hazan Mevsimi - A Fairground Attraction - Feature Film
2007 İklimler (oyuncu) - Climates (Actor) directed by nuri bilge ceylan
2005 Türk Musikisi Ustaları - turkish Music Masters Series 6 Films - Doc.
2002 Nazım Hikmet Şarkıları - The Songs of Nazım Hikmet - Doc.