What Did They Say?

Some opinions on Mehmet Eryilmaz's "A Fairground Attraction" and his other works

For me "A Fairground Attraction" is the best Turkish fiction feature that's sent to Venice International Film Festival.
Sergio Germani - Member of the advisory board of Venice International Film Festival


I was deeply impressed by "A Fairground Attraction" I'm still under the impression of it. We should talk about this feature film not for two days but at least two years.
Metin Erksan - Director


"A Fairground Attraction is a film balancing its plain style with its emotional profundity. It shows the other side of the cheery, lively and crowded fairground, the other side is home to longing, blues and loneliness. With the actors' superb performances the film reminds us that love and freedom are inseparable.
Alin Taşcıyan - Critic


Good work. I liked your film a lot. It has a responsive atmosphere. The characters of the film are familiar, thus you form a bond with them. The ambience of the fairground and long lost values are conveyed delicately.
Hülya Uçansu - İstanbul Film Festival Director


Congratulations. "A Fairground Attraction" is a good film. It's filmed in a different and wonderful style. The film also tells the disappearance of a tradition eloquently.
Nick Fletcher / Marketing Communications JVC LONDON


A Fairground Attraction" does have a huge potential. It's a very interesting film. All the members of the jury appreciated your film.
Elena Pollacchi / 22. Settmana Internaziola della Critica / VENICE


We, The Turkish Music Center of USA Maryland University, had a chance to watch your documentary films and we found them extraordinarily successful.
Münir N.Beken - Executive Director


I almost lost my mind. I was in awe. I thought "Wow! There're still people who shoot such films" I'm sorry I watched the film a week late. Thank you. (the masters of the Turkish traditional music)
Ayse Sasa - Cinema writer - Scriptwriter


Your excellent work pleased us a lot.
Naoki Omori /Sakura Motion Picture Co. Japan


It's a timely, sensitive, emotionally deep approach. I hope that approach can be sustainable in the long run. I have to say as a musician with an academic background, I was overly pleased to see such a good grip on the musicality.
Musicologist Gonul Pacaci -State Conservatory, lecturer


I cried, laughed, mingled with the crowds and prospered. I appreciated my mother tongue. I sang along with them. Seven songs, the lyrics of which belong to Nazim Hikmet, sung by seven different artists made me realize that I'm alive. It was like a polyphonic symphony. In short, it was just like my home country.
Zeynep Oral - Journalist, writer


Last week one night I dialed a toll-free number. My life changed. The film I watched impressed me deeply. Thank you for making such a film, (for the public spot of Association of the Visually Impaired)
Ertuğrul Özkök - The Newspaper "Hurriyet", editor-in-chief


Mehmet Eryilmaz's film tells the story of a collapsing relationship in a appropriate setting, with an attentive visual style and a catchy symbolism. For these reasons we deemed it worthy of this prize.
From the justified decision of the Selection Committee of Ankara