He started his musical works in high school with forming his first band.

It was 1993 when he came to istanbul for university.

With his first band in istanbul "Laura Ashley Dreams" he started playing only his own songs. “İhtiyaç Molası” is formed in 1995.

He got in to Post Production business in Sinefekt Post Co. by the end of 1996.

Since then he edited hundreds of commercials.

He composed music for dozens of commercials and advertorials including huge companies like “iş bankası, Anadolu sigorta, Beko, Genel sigorta, Yapı Kredi, İhlas net.”

He also started taking roles in Production. He worked as assistant director in dozens of projects.

İhtiyaç Molası’s debut “Milad” released in 1999 by Zihni Music.

They became the firt turkish progressşve rock band to be in world charts.

In 2003 he became “crystal appled” with Beko commercial in which he took part as assistant director and editor.

In 2004 Ihtiyaç Molası released 2nd album “1,5” by Çan Music.

In 2005 he directed his first commercial “ Dorado” with Çan Film’s production.

In 2007 he composed original score for Mehmet Eryılmaz’s first feature film “Fairground attraction”. He also took part as Post Production Supervisor in the same movie.

Today he is working as inhouse producer in Sinefekt Post Co.

İhtiyaç Molası is making concerts and working for the 3rd album.